A Multi-brand Group

Supermarket: the heart of our sales network

Hypermarkets, superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores, discount stores, and cash & carry – it is through these several retail formats that Selex conducts its business across the country. Each format is further differentiated according to the location and identity of the store and the nature of the surrounding area. The Selex Group Partner Companies have acquired an outstanding level of specialization in each of these formats. From small neighbourhood convenience stores, to mid-sized and large supermarkets to Cash & Carry emporiums, Selex guarantees an ample and fully stocked range of products from the modern and customized retail outlets of its Partner Companies. At the heart of our sales network are the supermarkets. They number 1,038, cover an area of more than 1 million square metres, and account for 44% of all the retail outlets of the Group and more than half its total retail space. 

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The Selex Sales Network - updated to 01/2019

Animali che passione

This is the name of the new Selex pet store format, which has already been adopted by several Partner Companies of the Group. The pet store consists of  a retail space of 500-600 square metres on average, which has the capacity to display a carefully selected array of 8,000-10,000 products, ranging from pet food  to pet accessories and animal hygiene and health products.As 2019 began, Selex partner companies were already at work on a major programme of store openings in many regions of Italy.
The new store network is the result not only of careful market research and medium and long-term planning, but also of the significant experience of some Selex Partner Companies that are already successfully operating in the pet store retail segment and had invaluable input to give. By combining the expertise of these partners with the coordinating role of Selex, the aim is to maintain a consistent brand image as the sales network expands across the country. 

A multi-brand group

The Selex Group in Italy operates under national brand name stores such as Famila, A&O and C+C, as well as through regional brands.
Quality is our motto. Quality combined with efficiency, good service and our capacity to update our retail design and formats make every brand name associated with the Group a reliable point of reference for the local community.
Distinctive in form and divided by location, the supermarkets and stores of the Selex Group are united by the same vision, which may be summed up as: putting the customer first; adapting products and services to changing consumer lifestyles; listening to feedback; always seeking to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize the shopping experience.
And, of course, good value for money. As in previous years, in 2018 the retailing companies of the Selex Group confirmed their top positions in the ranking of the best-value supermarkets of Italy as they continued their efforts to defend the purchasing power of families.
Value is at the heart of the Selex philosophy, which translates into a commitment to keeping prices as low as possible day in day out. Selex succeeds in its mission thanks also to the numerous promotions it organizes throughout the year and the many opportunities it affords shoppers to make savings without ever sacrificing quality and the assurance of safety. 

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