The Group in Numbers

A pole of attraction for quality retail

In 1964, several Italian food wholesalers decide to band together under the name of Unione Volontaria A&O.
In 1979, Unione Volontaria A&O transforms itself into Selex Gruppo Commerciale (the “Selex Group”). Stage by stage, the new Selex Group and its member companies take the lead in seizing the opportunities offered by an ever-evolving market, and Selex establishes itself as a leading retail and supermarket distribution group.
The year 2021 has been another important milestone in the history of the Group. In January 2021, two major retail enterprises joined the Group, bolstering the Group’s position as a major presence across the entire country.
They are: Supermercati Uniti Nazionali (SUN) and Centro Distribuzione Supermercati (CDS),which joined the Selex Group adding, respectively, 5 and 18 stores to the network.
Thanks to the arrival of the latest two partners, Selex has grown to become the second-largest independent Italian retail and distribution  group, and has thus reaffirmed itself as a pole of attraction for quality Italian retail companies. 

11.15 + 4,2%
12.25 + 9,9%
16.85 + 4,0%
2021 forecast
Turnover 2019-2021 - in billions of Euros

The ability to anticipate and react promptly to changes in the market and to understand consumer needs has enabled the Group to extend its reach across the entire country and establish a network of multichannel sales outlets that are deeply rooted in their local communities. The commercial network now encompasses 3,207 individual outlets, all part of an articulated structure that is constantly seeking to meet customer needs by offering innovative, efficient and top-quality products and services.

Growth in 2020

The complications of recent years notwithstanding, Selex brims with confidence as it looks towards the future with a development programme that prioritizes safety, innovation, sustainability and the protection of the purchasing power of the average household.
For 2021, the Group will invest more than €360 million in expanding and upgrading its retail network.
Selex is on course to open 72 new outlets and to refurbish its current stock of 135 retail outlets, which will require the hiring of hundreds of new workers.
The arrival of the new Partner Companies, coupled with Selex’s already ambitious sales target, produced a turnover in 2021 of € 16.85 billion, an increase of 4% on 2020.

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