ESD Italia Head Office

An efficient model of cooperation

One of the pillars of Selex's success is its efficient purchasing model, which makes dialogue with suppliers immediate and functional. The Group has thus built up a lasting relationship with the industry, which is further reinforced by the constancy of its commitment to structured commercial agreements, which are all the more important in these days of market instability and inflation at levels not seen in decades. While ESD Italia Head Office handles relationships with large national and international brand industries, Selex, operating from the headquarters of the Commercial Group, directly manages agreements with small and medium-sized enterprises (for all merchandise categories, including fruit and vegetables), private-label (distributor-branded) products, and the cash & carry channel. Selex also coordinates some national promotional initiatives.

Leadership statistics

  • company-esd_shops
    retail outlets
  • company-esd_money
    billion euros in turnover (2023 estimate)
  • company-esd_marketshare
    market share (January 2023)

Selex's competitiveness is strengthened by its membership of ESD Italia, an independent purchasing and marketing hub. With a turnover of more than 33.2 billion euros (end-2023 estimate) and a market share of 23.4 per cent (Iper+Super+Superette+Cash&Carry+Drug+Discount – January 2023), ESD Italia confirms its leadership in the Italian retail distribution market and attests to the effectiveness of the strategies that it and its Partner Companies have followed. Since 2023 ESD Italia has been made up of four members Acqua & Sapone, Agorà, Aspiag and Selex. It continues to rely on its pervasive local-level reach across the entire country, which it also continues to grow. There are plans for 176 new openings and 123 renovations of existing retail outlets in 2024.

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