National Brands

Famila: part of the family for 35 years

This year marks an important anniversary in the Selex household. Famila, the Group’s national brand for supermarkets, superstores and mini-hypermarkets, turns 35 this year, for it was 1984 when Familia first opened its doors. Since then Famila, the family supermarket, has grown steadily and today boasts more than 200 outlets and more than 6,000 staff, making it one of the top-ranking retailers in the hyper/supermarket segment, where it has a market share of 3%. 
Full-range product lines, specialization in fresh foods, a generous array of local produce, value for money, customer-friendly promotions, the willingness to experiment and push boundaries. 
These are the elements behind the success of Familia, which throughout all its 35 years of existence has always exemplified a spirit of dynamism and innovation, and has always punctually anticipated the latest consumer trends.

A&O: convenience is its strenght

A&O is the Group’s national retail brand for neighbourhood supermarkets, convenience stores and minimarkets. With a network of more than 500 stores stretching up and down the country, A&O offers a full range of products, especially in the fresh foods segment.
The friendly local grocer for 55 years, A&O has admirably kept pace with the times and continuously updates its product selection and optimizes its customer services. Thanks to its capacity for continuous reinvention, it has become one of the most dynamic entities in the Selex Group.
The preference shown by consumers for modern neighbourhood grocery stores will lead to the further growth of A&O in 2019.

C+C Cash&Carry: for food professionals

Selex is the second-largest distributor in Italy in the Cash & Carry sector, where it has 83 outlets with a combined floorage of more than 214,000 square meters, and a market share of 19.2%. Of these outlets, 61 trade under the C+C store brand.
By reconfiguring its in-store format over the years, C+C has been able to expand its range of products and thus become more competitive, notably in the “HoReCa” (Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes) sector in parallel with the growing popularity of food consumption outside the home. 
The coming year will see 3 new openings adding floor space of 5,900 square metres, and the renovation of 4 existing stores.

Animali che Passione: a new pet store chain

September 2018 saw the launch of Animali che Passione, a new chain of pet stores that several Selex Partner Companies have already begun operating. The pet store format envisages a retail space of 500-600 square metres on average, which is sufficient for the merchandising of a carefully selected array of 8,000-10,000 products, ranging from pet food to pet accessories and animal hygiene and health products. The aim is to provide the right sort of products to answer the many different needs of our four-legged friends.
As 2019 began, Selex partner companies were already at work on a major programme of store openings in many regions of Italy. The new store network is the result not only of careful market research and medium- and long-term planning, but also of the significant experience of some Selex partners who are already successfully operating in the pet store segment and had invaluable input to give. By combining the expertise of these partners with the coordinating role of Selex, the aim is to maintain a consistent brand image as the sales network expands across the country. 

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