Our Marketing Programs

Anticipating customers' needs


Extensive research, targeted market research, and the constant monitoring of consumption patterns using the latest digital technology are just some of the sophisticated tools for reading and anticipating the market that Selex makes available to its Partner Companies. Selex deploys these tools to identify what its customers really want, which nowadays is more than a question of individual products, but refers more broadly to the transversal customer experience across the various segments of the retail market.
In 2019, Selex plans to explore this cross-segment concept, with particular regard to emerging retail segments. It is an approach that strengthens the Group's market standing and sends a message of consistency and value to customers.  

Rewarding loyalty

  • company-marketing_numbers_card
    million loyalty cards
  • company-marketing_numbers_sales
    huge discounts on more than 3.500 products
  • company-marketing_numbers_moneysave
    million euros in savings for families
  • company-marketing_numbers_influence
    of total sales made up of promoted products

Customer satisfaction and enhancing the distinctiveness of the store brands. These two goals define the promotional programme for 2019, which has been designed with a cross-segmental approach in mind and therefore addresses the needs and lifestyles of customers rather than specific product categories, and is aimed for the most part at loyalty card holders (of which there are more than 6 million).
A series of large thematic events will be organized in 2019 for the retail segments currently preferred by our customers, such as health and wellness, eco-living, school supplies and breakfast foods.
A new focus each month will not only offer customers opportunities to save but will also introduce them to new products and solutions. These events will be complemented by seasonal campaigns and by Special Discount Promotions organized in collaboration with brand producers, with assured price cuts on 3,500 products.
In the last two months of 2018 all across Italy, the 1,200-plus supermarkets of the Group celebrated the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, the most loved Disney character, with a competition to collect store stamps for prizes (including cuddly toys) that was  backed up by a communications campaign across the media (TV, radios, the press, posters and web-based publicity).
Past success is bound to be replicated this year, with an equally compelling event to deepen the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones. 

55 years of good value

The 55th anniversary of the Selex Group, the focal point of the promotional strategies of 2019, will include extraordinary and first-time events involving both branded and private-label merchandise. The celebrations will include a major charity campaign involving all the Group partners. The 55th anniversary celebrations will be backed by a robust communications plan that illuminates the historical value and mission of a major Italian enterprise that has climbed to the heights of the national retail landscape without ever renouncing its sense of belonging to the country and its local towns and communities. 

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