Our Marketing Programs

Customer-centric strategies


Selex’s success is founded on meeting and catering to consumers’ needs through targeted initiatives.
Selex makes use of a series of innovative marketing information tools to stay ahead of emerging trends and respond promptly to customer needs. The tools it deploys to this end include analyses, research projects, and the continual monitoring of patterns of consumption, including the IRI Liquid Data project, a platform that ensures the Group has real-time detailed information on market trends.
Brand reputation surveys are another of the useful tools used by Selex to gauge consumer perceptions and develop initiatives to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A well-structured promotional campaign

  • company-marketing_numbers_card
    million loyalty cards
  • company-marketing_numbers_sales
    Special Discount Promotions on some 3.500 products
  • company-marketing_numbers_moneysave
    million euros in savings for households
  • company-marketing_numbers_influence
    take-up of promoted products

This year’s campaign will, as ever, respond to consumer demand effectively through customization and the making available of major savings opportunities. In 2023, therefore, the promotional campaigns will continue to focus both on branded and on private-label products. In addition to these campaigns, Selex will continue with its customary seasonal promotions and special discount offers for the 8 million-plus loyalty card holders. All the promotions are backed by well-structured communications campaigns. Selex deploys all main national media channels (television and radio), alongside local media and digital channels (corporate websites and social networks) to reach all customers via multiple channels and ensure maximum event exposure across the board. Last year, Selex brand grocery value campaigns saved households an estimated 730 million euros. The volume of promoted and special discount products accounted for 26.3% of total sales.

Own-brand savings for customers

The Group prioritizes its closeness to its customer base and its capacity to offer customers the opportunity to save on their shopping. This was the thinking behind the “Spesa Difesa” initiative of 2022, which sought to help customers by freezing the prices of hundreds of Selex own-label products. Backed by a strong communications campaign, the Spesa Difesa initiative will be repeated in 2023, and will include advertisements underscoring how customers can protect their purchasing power by opting for Selex-labelled products.
The other primary objective of the Group is to make the shopping experience as pleasurable as possible by involving customers in highly rewarding initiatives, two of which took place in 2022 with the participation of brand producers: “Tu che Trudi sei?” (from 7 November 2022 to 15 January 2023) and “Buonanotte con chi vuoi” (from 17 November 2022 to 29 January 2023, in partnership with Caleffi). Both offered customers high-quality, Italian-made products as prizes.

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