Our Marketing Programs

Customer loyalty at the heart of everything


Any effective commercial strategy must begin with knowledge of the customer.
The Selex Group is therefore always refining the tools with which it monitors the market and anticipates (and thus satisfies) customer needs.
It was one of the very first retail groups to sign up to IRI Liquid Data, an advanced big-data platform that, by generating useful information in real time, enables stores to respond promptly to customer demands for an increasingly broad spectrum of product categories and services.

A distinctive promotional plan

  • company-marketing_numbers_card
    million loyalty cards
  • company-marketing_numbers_sales
    Special Discount Promotions on 3.500 products
  • company-marketing_numbers_moneysave
    million euros in cost savings for households
  • company-marketing_numbers_influence
    take-up of products sold in promotion

To amplify the effectiveness of its promotional campaigns and optimize its responsiveness to customer expectations, Selex takes a personalized approach that is alert to the particular needs of the consumer being targeted. The approach includes the organizing of themed in-store events that are popular with customers.
Numerous initiatives involving both producer and distributor (private-label) brands are planned for this year. Running in parallel with these campaigns will be the usual seasonal promotional activities and 26 Special Discount Promotions, reserved for loyalty card-holders (who now number over 8 million).
The promotional events will be supported by high-impact communication campaigns. To obtain maximum exposure for the initiatives, Selex will use national media channels (television and radio) along with local media and, of course, digital communications (institutional websites and social media platforms).
The object of the promotional campaigns is to reach out to an ever-broader range of consumers and encourage them to take advantage of the many cost-saving opportunities offered by the retailers operating under the banner of the Selex Group. In 2020, the promotions staged by the Selex-affiliated retailers translated into household cost savings of €514 million after a take-up by customers of 26% of total products in promotion. That rate of customer take-up is likely to be equalled and probably exceeded in 2021 thanks to the numerous activities and investments planned for the year, as well as to the sizeable impact of the new arrivals to the Selex Group.

A great event with producer brands

After the success of “Italia in Tavola”, a national competition that ran from 5 November 2020 to 17 January 2021, plans are ready for another equally exciting event that is sure to capture the attention of customers thanks to the exclusive prizes on offer. The loyalty-card holders of supermarkets and hypermarkets belonging to the Selex Group will be eligible to collect store stamps to claim the prizes on offer. The participation of producer brands is fundamental to the success of the campaign. The inclusion of branded products in the scheme will multiply the customer’s opportunities for accumulating the points they need to claim the prizes they want.
The important initiative will be backed by an intense communication campaign involving national media channels, in particular television and radio, as well as local media and in-store activities.

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