The Selex Head Office

Innovation support


Selex is a Group formed by the association of several regional distribution companies. At the heart of the organizational structure of the Selex Group is the Head Office (La Centrale Selex), whose role is to encourage the growth of the Partner Companies by fostering innovation, generating intra-Group efficiencies and enhancing employee skills. The mission of the Selex Head Office is to create value for the Selex Partner Companies, consolidate their presence in local markets and, at the same time, cultivate the substantial synergies between them. One of the ongoing tasks of the Office is to coordinate initiatives in the increasingly strategically significant area of corporate social responsibility.
In 2019, Selex will publish its first Code of Ethics, which will lay down a set of ethical and corporate standards that the Group is committed to meeting. 

Optimizing synergies

The Head Office deals with Sales, Marketing, Efficiency & Synergies, and Know-how. Each of these requires a protocol of interaction between Selex and its Partner Companies, and the aim is to maximize revenues without losing sight of the value inherent in the companies’ ability to adapt themselves to the specific needs of the local areas in which they operate, which is where their true strength lies. 
The Sales division of Selex is responsible for finalizing commercial arrangements with ESD Italia and EMD, organizing national promotional campaigns, supporting the private-label products of its distributors, and assuring quality. The Marketing division is in charge of innovative instruments for gathering intelligence, database management, CRM, pricing, web development, management efficiency, and special projects. The Efficiency & Synergies division develops ways for Partner Companies to make cost savings by leveraging the synergies available within the Group, and organizes actions to improve the efficiency of business activities and processes. The Know-How division's responsibilities include coming up with new formats and product clusters to enhance the style of product delivery and the distinctiveness of the retail outlets.
In the course of 2019, Selex will also enhance the advanced tools and strategies it deploys to maintain effective watch over market trends and changes. The E-commerce and New Formats monitoring tools focus on the most innovative and efficient retail formats. 

  • company-supportiveheadoffice_efficiency
    engineering internal group efficiency
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_innovation
    encouraging innovation in product lines and store formats
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_progress
    developing and enhancing the performance of partner companies
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_skills
    building up the skills of human resources

Investing in education

The Selex Head Office plays a prominent role in the coordination of training activities. In 2019, Selex will be organizing numerous seminars and study days for the Purchasing, Sales and Marketing divisions along with other courses and seminars on more transversal themes such as the web, digital technologies, CRM and Category, distinctiveness and public speaking. In 2018, 34 study days were organized involving more than 400 participants (around 100 more than in 2017). The Selex Digital Academy, the distance-learning web platform, was upgraded the better to integrate the actions of Head Office with the activities of the Partner Companies. 

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