The Selex Head Office

The role of the head office


Selex’s organizational structure revolves around the Selex Head Office whose role is to optimize the performance of the Partner Companies by encouraging innovation, achieving intra-Group efficiencies and expanding the skills of human resources.
The mission of Selex Head Office is value creation. To achieve this, it fosters important synergies in key areas of activity among the Partner Companies.

Strength through unity

Selex Head Office is made up of the following divisions: Sales, Marketing, Efficiency & Synergies, and Know-How.
For each of these divisions there is a corresponding model prescribing Head Office’s interactions with Partner Companies. Head Office is responsible for sharing the experiences of each Partner Company so that all may learn and draw strength from one another.
The Sales division is in charge of: finalizing deals negotiated through ESD Italia and EMD; organizing national promotional campaigns; developing the private-label business; and assuring quality. 
The Marketing division, which uses innovative marketing information tools and database analytics, is in charge of promotional events and overseeing efficient management. 
One of the tasks of the Efficiency & Synergies division is to develop processes through which Partner Companies may achieve cost economies. One way it does this is through the negotiation of joint purchasing agreements. 
One of the main jobs of the Know-How division is the development of new retail formats and concepts. The division also deals with training, e-commerce and the use of new technologies.

  • company-supportiveheadoffice_efficiency
    develop specialized and innovative concepts
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_innovation
    renew the offer and create distinctiveness
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_progress
    share experiences and goals between partners
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_skills
    Invest in the professionalism of our employees

Strategic training

All the Partner Companies have for years been enrolled in permanent training programmes coordinated by Head Office. The programmes, designed to enrich the patrimony of commercial skills available to the companies, offer them vital support as they strive to meet the new challenges of the dynamic and constantly changing retail sector.
The organization of productive discussions and useful learning opportunities will continue in 2021. Study days with in-class and online lessons have been planned for a large number of Partner Company representatives and workers.

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