The Selex Head Office

Cohesion and transparency


National Head Office’s main task is to support partner companies’ growth by fostering efficiencies within the Group, expanding and enhancing employees’ skillsets, and promoting innovation-related initiatives. Supported and backed by Head Office’s commitment to create value that enhances and consolidates market competitiveness, the impressive results the Group has achieved over the years are built on strategic synergies among its members.

The importance of working together

Head Office’s Sales, Marketing, Efficiency & Synergies, and Know-How divisions continue to work with associated companies on an ongoing basis to generate national growth and achieve ever more ambitious landmarks in 2022.
In Sales, ESD Italia and EMD will be finalizing agreements, organizing new promotional campaigns and further developing private-label products. Marketing focuses on the task of meeting customer needs via a variety of tools including market research, consumption monitoring, databases and CRM. The Efficiency & Synergies division is responsible for process optimization to generate savings for partner companies. As well as undertaking training, e-commerce and promoting new tech, the Know-How division concentrates on developing new assortment clusters and innovative concepts to increase Group brand distinctiveness.

  • company-supportiveheadoffice_efficiency
    develop specialized and innovative concepts
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_innovation
    renew offerings and create distinctiveness
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_progress
    share experiences and objectives among members
  • company-supportiveheadoffice_skills
    Invest in employee professionalism

Focus on training

Head Office’s coordinated training programme for all partner companies is a key way of enhancing employees’ skills and professionalism and creating Group-wide value.
Classroom-based and online courses/seminars continue in 2022 for partner company personnel.

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