Vital Statistics

Strength in unity

Underpinned by sixty years of continual dynamic change, the Group derives its strength not just from the capacity of its Partners to work together but also from their capacity to leverage their differences to mutual advantage. This added value is Selex’s “secret sauce,” and has enabled the Group to scale the heights of the organized modern distribution sector. Today, Selex Head Office, with its 18 Partner Companies, is the second largest player in Italy in its sector thanks to the excellent leadership that comes from the capacity of the partners to achieve synergies in their respective areas of operation and reference. The synergies have mainly been achieved in the commercial and marketing areas and in activities relating to the sale of private-label products, and, in 2021, facilitated the integration into the Group of Centro Distribuzione Supermercati (CDS) and five further major associates from the Sun Consortium (Alfi, Cadoro, Ce.Di. Gros, Italbrix, and Gabrielli). The cohesive integration of new partners helped the Group work through 2023, a tricky year, and, in 2024, will continue to ensure we continue to deliver high-quality, safe and secure products to our customers with value propositions that protect their purchasing power.

18.2 2022
18 partner companies
19.9 2023
18 partner companies
20.8 2024
18 partner companies
Selex turnover (in billions of euros)

A nationwide network of 3,328 multichannel outlets integrated into their local communities is key to Selex’s success. The use of different distribution formats - from the local supermarket to the hypermarket, from the superstore to the discount store and cash & carry - has been a recipe for success because it enables us to understand and then cater to the diverse needs of different customer types.

Strengthening the network through investment

The planned development of the network will continue apace throughout 2024. Backed by capital investment of 540 million euros, 65 new points of sale with a total floorage of 102,000 m2 will be opened during the year. The Group also plans to modernize and refurbish 94 existing retail outlets to make them safer, more efficient and more advanced.This ambitious development plan promises to create hundreds of new jobs and will enable the Group to generate an estimated turnover of 20.8 billion euros in 2024, an increase of 4.5 per cent on the previous year.

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